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"My golf buddies are impressed at my ability to out drive them.  I tell them it's my strength training at Precision Fitness! "

Carl Sachs, age 68

Programs & Services

The first step in the development of your exercise program at Precision Fitness is an initial consultation with one of our exercise specialists. During this consultation we'll learn what's important to YOU about your health, fitness, and overall well-being. We'll learn about your goals, physical needs, health history, and prior experience with exercise. With this information, we'll design the most appropriate and effective exercise program for you, and then educate you on the process and teach you the skills necessary for productive exercise.

With this is mind, there are a variety of different focuses we can design into your program. These include:

General full-body fitness / health

Work on improving overall strength, fitness, and health. Feel better, function better, have more energy.

Fat Loss / Body Shape and Appearance

An overall full-body program fitness program that adds the dimension of applying the actions necessary to reduce overall body fat levels and improve body shape and appearance. Guidance is provided on dietary choices, meal planning, and other lifestyle choices that affect body fat and body appearance.

Strength and conditioning for sports and recreation

Tailors a strength and conditioning program to the needs, demands, and specific muscle involvement of various sports and recreational activities. Designed to improve performance and reduce likelihood of injury.

Bone Strength / Density

Designed to help build bone strength and density over the full-body, but with particular emphasis on critical, often neglected areas such as the spine (neck and low back).

Post Physical Therapy / Rehab

Physical therapy treatment programs often expire when insurance benefits and/or doctor prescriptions run out. Also, many therapy programs emphasize treatment of symptoms rather than correction of the inherent problem. Therefore, many times patients are released from treatment still possessing limitations and in need of further assistance with their problem. They are not ready or equipped to be turned loose on their own in a commercial health club or fitness center.

We will work with you to design a program catered to your needs and physical limitations and insure that all the exercises in your program are appropriate and safe for you. Furthermore, we will work to strengthen and condition weak and vulnerable areas.

Pricing Structure

Precision Fitness does not require any long term contracts or memberships. All services are provided and paid for on a month to month basis.

Owing to the efficiency of our unique exercise method and the need for no more than two 30-minute sessions per week, the Precision Fitness program is very cost effective.  Compared to the three to five 60-minute sessions most other trainers recommend, Precision Fitness will save you both time and money.

Below is an outline of our pricing structure.

2 sessions per week (8 per month) -- $360/month

1 sessions per week (4 per month) -- $180/month

* Monthly payment paid via automatically recurring credit card debit occurring on the monthly anniversary of join date.

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