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"In the 8+ years I've been a client at Precision Fitness my bone density has increased and I'm stronger and more physically fit than I was 20 years ago!  What a gift! "

Judy Sachs, age 67

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Muscle - the cure for what ails you.

  Precision Fitness Naperville  
  Precision Fitness Naperville  
  Precision Fitness Naperville  

As we age, our bodies lose muscle mass and strength. This muscle loss directly results in a whole host of other negative changes to our bodies ranging from decreased physical abilities; undesirable alteration in body shape and appearance; decreased muscle tone and firmness; fat accumulation; diabetes, osteoporosis, and various other health problems; and loss of functional independence.

Conversely, an increase in muscle mass and strength acts to forestall and even reverse the aging process as it prevents and reverses all the negative changes. Added muscle mass and strength prevents deterioration and frailty and leads to empowerment and vitality.

For these reasons, Precision Fitness focuses on helping our clients build, restore, and maintain muscle mass and strength. This can only be accomplished through one type of exercise – progressive resistance strength training. We're happy to report that when performed properly, this one type of exercise just happens to also provide a range of benefits so complete that no other exercise of any type is necessary for total body fitness!

Under a constant, watchful eye of a trained exercise specialist, a typical workout at Precision Fitness consists of performing eight to ten different weight resistance exercises performed on machines designed to target and track a specific muscle and joint function.

When it comes to strength exercise, slow movements equal fast results. Lifting weights slowly reduces impact force, thus is safer for muscles, joints and connective tissue. Lifting slowly also reduces momentum. This requires the muscle to work harder and enhances the quality of muscular work and stimulation. Therefore, at Precision Fitness, all movements on the machines are performed in a slow, smooth, precise, and uninterrupted manner. Depending on the specific exercise, "slow" usually means taking 5 or more seconds to lift the weight and another 5 or more seconds to lower the weight. Also, strict attention is paid to various details such as maintaining proper posture and body position, proper breathing technique, and focus on the target muscles.

The entire workout is completed in 30-minutes or less. The actual benefits of the workout occur over the next 3 - 4 days as the body rebuilds itself and produces adaptations. Once this process is complete, it's time to do it all over again. Two weekly workouts are all that's required. This means, the total time out of your life each week for purposes of exercise is just one hour. Amazing isn't it?

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